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Simon Gagné... special thanks

First and foremost, special thanks must go out to Simon Gagné. The 1999 WJHC in Winninpeg was an exciting tournament to watch, mainly due to your stellar playing. With talent like yours coming out of Canada, the future looks good.

Special thanks to TSN and CTV Sportsnet. Without your stellar coverage of the WJHC and QJMHL All-Star game, much of the footage seen at this site would not be here at all.

As well, special thanks should go out to the sites/publications where I received much of the information on Mr. Gagné. They are the official website of the CHL, the Quebec Remparts, the TSN and RDS, the Canadian Hockey Association, The Canadian Online Explorer, Hockey's Future, The Official Quebec Remparts Magazine, Le Soleil newspaper,, Electric Ice and James Klug, whose Planet Flyers Report on Gagné were quite informative.

I can't forget thanking my partner in crime (well, not really... we're law abiding citizens of Canada), Bev. It's UNBELIEVABLE how much you know about making websites. (I bow down at your feet in awe...ok, maybe not.) As well, special thanks has to out to the site's special Quebec informant, who goes only by the name of "Ju" and photographer extraordinaire, T. Twain, who took great pictures at the 1999 Evaluation Camp for the Canadian Junior team.

If I forgot anyone or anything, I'm sorry. My mind tends to slip. But never fear I'll remember soon enough and add you in ASAP…. Well, that's it for the "Thank you's"...later! ---Candace