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Simon Gagné... disclaimer

This site is a fan site, therefore unofficial. This site is not sanctioned by Simon Gagné, The Philadelphia Flyers, The Quebec Remparts or those involved with Mr. Gagné's career. Please be advised, any letters addressed to Mr. Gagné should be forwarded to the Flyers organization. We, at this site, have no way of sending it to him.

Though the parties involved in making this site try their best to update it using verifiable Simon Gagné info, there may be in some instances, some errors. Up front, I apologize for them. As far as I know, the stuff seen here is 100% FOR SURE. But if you do see any discrepancies, please inform me via e-mail. I will change them ASAP.

Photos and footage of Simon Gagné were excerpts from broadcasts shown on CTV SportsNet and TSN, as well as various sites such as the official CHL website and the Quebec Remparts website. Articles found in the News Section of the site were found via search engines and the author names are attributed under each title. If persons from any of these said groups would prefer not to have their footage/article placed on this site, please let me know as well. I will take them down at your request. The parties involved in this site are, for a lack of a better term, starving high school/university students and would not like to be sued. Please be patient with us, we're learning as we go.

Finally, this site would like to make clear that anything said or done on the message board is done at the writer's own accord. They do not express the feelings or thoughts of those involved in this website. (e.g. If someone says on the board, "Like, omigod! Simon is soooo sexy" it's HER/HIS opinion. NOT ours. Comprenez?) However, if we do fine the content to be rather questionable, consider the it gone. *poof*! (But there are also some cases where I find messages hilarious so I'll leave them up for my amusement...Hey! have you read the fan forum lately?!)

Now with that all sorted...GO BACK TO THE SITE!!